Gay Vacation Advice For Bali

For those seeking a gay vacations destination that offers historical, cultural and spiritual sites, welcoming residents and plenty to see and do, you may want to consider Bali for your next international excursion.

Whether opting for solo gay vacations or gay tours, LGBT travelers will find that Bali has much to offer, including wonderful beaches, delicious cuisine, beautiful temples, volcanoes, terraced rice fields, exceptional shopping and even LGBT scenes in some of its major cities. From countryside villages offering handmade crafts, to fashionable boutiques and elegant hotels, Bali is a diverse, intriguing island country that is simply waiting to be explored.

Kuta, Seminyak and Legian each has an array of clubs, spas, restaurants and bars from which to choose, providing a variety of nighttime entertainment opportunities for LGBT travelers looking for a night out on the town. Drag shows are very popular in Bali and there are several clubs that offer shows throughout the week. The most popular of these is Hulu Caf, which is well-known for being Bali’s original drag club and hosts performers six nights each week, often with internationally-known drag performers.

There are also garden restaurants and beachfront cafs that offer lovely natural settings, drinks, food and massage services, such as Bonita’s and Callego Caf & Spa in Seminyak. For a slightly more upscale experience, La Lucciola Restaurant is located directly on Petitenget Beach, next to the Pura Petitenget Temple, and offers exceptional ocean views, delectable Italian cuisine and excellent service, which is provided by an all-male staff.

While there are no exclusively LGBT beaches, Petitenegret is frequented by travelers on gay vacations and is very popular with the community, particularly the area around Callego Caf & Spa. Cruising occurs in the nearby wooded area, and Callego is a very popular hangout. Other popular beaches include Ganesha in Seminyak and Blue Ocean Beach in Kata.

Whether you wish to partake in gay travel to Bali to experience the community there, or for an excursion based on spiritual growth and renewal, you are sure to find just what you are looking for in this beautiful country that has much to offer.

By taking part in a well-organized group tour, you will be able to focus on your overall goals or intention for the trip, ensure that you do not miss out on some of Bali’s most important historical and cultural sites – as well as hidden treasures, and avoid dealing with having to plan the logistical aspects of your vacation. Bali tours organized by travel professionals with experience organizing gay vacations are the best way to take in all that Bali has to offer, make new friends and create lifelong memories.

Map of Bali

You will find Bali located three miles off the west coast of Java with a comparatively tiny land area of just over 5,000km; Bali could fit into Australia over 1,200 times. From the tip of Bali in the north to the end of the island in the south is only 55miles and east to west it’s only ninety miles, so getting around the island is reasonably easy and the longest drive that you would need to do in order to get to any resort would be 2 hours at the most.

The most popular Bali hotel resorts are situated in the south of the island with a couple of others along the east and west coast. Nusa Dua is the most southern resort that’s popular with visitors, although you will find other less known ones a bit further south. The roads round the coast of Bali are typically in good shape, it is when you leave the main stretch that you’ll find that the roads are very seldom maintained to any standard and are typically just mud tracks regularly impassible by 2 vehicles and you want to be cautious about folk and animals that use not only these side roads but the main roads to walk on.

Heading along the west coast from Nusa Dua you will come to Jimbaran another very popular and busy tourist resort. Perhaps 10 minutes further along you will go by Ngurah Rai International airport that’s used as a gateway for the rest of Indonesia. Kuta and South Kuta are maybe another twenty minutes drive from here and this is where you’ll find the most commercialized area of Bali. Not only are the hotels built to accommodate many tourists, but the leisure facilities and the shopping areas very tourist orientated.

The drive from here to the tip of the west coast will take you past some of the more up market visitor destinations of Bali. Legian and Seminyak are situated along the west coast and offer more luxurious accommodation including private beaches, gardens and swimming pools. The rest of the drive up the west coast will take you past many places to remain, but they don’t seem to be the best known or well-liked resorts or hotels. For the holiday maker who favors secluded areas there will be plenty of places to remain along this western section of Bali without all the trappings and crowds of the big tourist places.

From here you could head inland in an easterly direction and you will come to Ubud which is situated in the mountainous region of Bali. The landscape is worlds apart compared to the seaside resorts. Here you will be encircled by lush tropical rain forests with stunning views of the mountains and volcanoes. Driving further east you’ll shortly come to the eastern shore, where there are some popular resorts. As with the resorts further up the west coast you’ll find these are far more expensive than the southern areas because of the wonderful diving locations around this area. The widely recognized resorts on the east coast are Candi Dasa and Sanur. After you get to Sanur you can take a detour inland and come to Denspanar, the capital of Bali. Though this is not actually a well-liked tourist destination due to its lack of beaches, night life and shopping malls, it is still worth taking time out to explore.

From Denspanar you would drive south again and before you get to Nusa Dua where you started from, you’ll pass Tanjung Benoa an an incredibly well liked, but very up market area. Tanjung Benoa is situated on the tip of the peninsula and has stunning views of the sea.

As far as the most visited and popular places in Bali go, those are the better known ones, but Bali offers so very much more. There are such a lot of more Bali hotels situated all round the island and on some of the smaller islands just round the coast. Bali is definitely an island to be explored and visiting one of the smaller know towns will give you a miles better comprehension of the genuine Balinese lifestyle.

Excuses for Booking Flights to Bali

Bali, a sizzling holiday destination in Indonesia, plays host to hundreds of visitors year after year. With a large number of cheap hotels, Bali also fulfills the needs of travellers on a small budget. Connectivity is pretty good to the destination as most of the major airline company’s operate flights to Bali.


Ubud is a hot favourite attraction with most travellers catching flights to Bali. Its high altitude location ensures a pleasant climate. Ubud is well known for museums like Purl Lukisan and Neka. The Purl Lukisan is well stocked with Balinese art works dating back to some hundred years. The museum even houses art galleries and is home to eminent artists like Antonio Blanco and Hans Snel. Similarly, the Neka Museum is full of exquisite works of Indonesian as well as overseas artists.


Kuta, a bustling tourist resort, has come a long way since its days as a sleepy little village. The beach here is a very potent tourist magnet, although the treacherous currents make it unsafe for swimming. However, surfing is a popular activity. Kuta is one of the absolute must visits for travellers saving up painstakingly to buy tickets for cheap flights to Bali. There is no dearth of discotheques, shops, and restaurants in Kuta. Special Balinese song and dance performances are held for tourists. Kuta’s westward location also makes it a wonderful spot for watching sunsets. For accommodation, travellers can take their pick of swanky hotels as well as cheap home stays.

Pura Besakih

Sitting on the slopes of Mt. Agung, Pura Besakih is amongst the biggest as well as the holiest temples in Bali. More than a thousand years old, the temple’s main courtyard is home to cloth wrapped Trinity shrines of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Besides the main shrines dedicated to the trinity, there are sanctuaries for other gods as well. Pura Besakih is decorated with colourful banners during festivals and its splendour reaches its peak. Visiting the temple is like a special pilgrimage for the locals and a major part of the holiday itinerary of tourists booking flights to Bali.

Nusa Dua

The Nusa Dua is a tourist resort famed for pristine beaches and crystal clear waters. It is part of the famed Bukit Peninsula, one of the most favoured visiting spots of travellers catching flights to Bali. While the Southern side of the peninsula has big surfs, the northern side is marked by gentler surfs.

Tanah Lot

The majestic temple sanctuary here is amongst the most famed sea temples in Bali. The temple makes for spectacular sight from its base atop an immense rock surrounded by the sea. The temple has a special history. It is said to have been built one of the last priests who come to Bali from Java during the 16th century. The temples rituals include paying homage to the sea’s guardian spirits. Legend has it that the sea snakes at the island’s base guard the temple from robbers, evil spirits, and other intruders. It goes without saying that tourists should positively try to visit the temple. The experience will definitely add more value to the price that travellers pay for the tickets of their cheap flights to Bali. The magnificence of Tanah Lot is best evident during the evenings.

Gunung Batur

The Gunung Batur is yet another attraction, which serves as one of the major excuses for buying some airline ticket to Bali. Standing at an altitude of about 5,635 ft, the Gunung Batur is the site of a still active volcano. The Balinese people revere it as the island’s second holiest mountain and a symbolisation of the female element.