A Quick Round Up of Bali Internet-Enabled Hotels

At the cheapest end we have the Puri Dewa Bharata Hotel, which has is in the middle of Bali, making it a popular choice for all types of travellers. Facilities include telephone, air conditioning, television, balcony/terrace, minibar, baby crib upon request, broadband internet. Additionally there are safe box, mail service, morning call, city transfers, travel counter, currency exchange, airport pick-up and drop-off, cocktail lounge. After a day of work or exploring, massage, outdoor pool, spa are some of the ways to unwind.

Moving upscale we have Downtown Villas at Jalan Pura Dalem 9D. With 9 architecturally stunning, state of the art villas, this stands in Bali’s trendiest district, is a mere 20 minute drive from Bali International Airport. Located in the shopping and dining area of trendy Seminyak, this five-star villa is also just a 10-minute walk from famous Kuta Beach. Taking Balinese traditional art along with modern decor and chic furnishings, each villa has its own tropical gardens as well as a 20m swimming pool.

At the top end we have the Karma Jimbaran Hotel. Set in the center of Jimbaran, Bali. Karma Jimbaran’s 38 luxury villas dot the gentle hillside that leads down to the blue waters of Jimbaran Bay. Sitting like a jewel in the heart of each villa’s tropical gardens is a private pool. The scent of frangipani trees lingers on the sea breeze, and the villas are private sanctuaries that create an environment that is hard to leave. The spacious indoor living area combines with an open plan, fully-equipped kitchen.

Other hotels with internet access that might be considered are the Viceroy Bali Hotel, and the Como Shambhala Estate at Begawan Giri Hotel. Bali has a huge selection of quality hotels and is the perfect destination for relaxation whilst keeping in touch with email, internet and friends.

Bali Resorts Provide the Perfect Stop For Romantic Holidays

It only seems fitting that couples who select Bali for a romantic holiday would want to ensure that their entire stay involves adventure, luxury and sights that take the breath away. When Bali resorts are used as the backdrop for vacations, the splendour will be seamless whether a couple is indoors or out.

Whilst Bali resorts do run the gamut on features and pricing, couples can expect a number of similar attractions no matter the final destination. Some of the reasons why so many couples seek out Bali and its resorts for romantic getaways include:

* The outdoors – Bali has long been known as a place where dreams and reality come together. Once believed to be the home of the Gods, this Indonesian island offers some of the most breathtaking natural sights in the entire world. From its mist-covered mountaintops to its white sand beaches surrounded by turquoise waters, Bali is one of the most eye pleasing destinations couples can visit.

* The activities – Couples will find that romantic strolls along the beaches are not the only activities for those on Bali vacations. Whilst the strolls are hard to top – especially at sunset – couples will find plenty of other things to do together. Bali is also famous for its water sports, golfing, tennis, horseback riding, snorkeling and hiking adventures.

* The historic destinations – Bali resorts provide the perfect starting point for adventures that will take visitors back in time centuries. From ancient temples that have stood to honour the Hindu gods for more than a thousand years to the royal palace and beyond, Bali offers couples with a love of history a chance to take in some incredible destinations.

* The adventures – Bali tours can take couples to the edge of active volcanoes and into the heart of forests populated by monkeys. The adventures that await lovers here are virtually endless.

* The shopping, dining and culture – Bali might be known for its splendid natural sights and outdoor attractions, but the island and its residents do not slack on offering couples more to see and do. Here holidaymakers will find plenty of little shops to explore, museums to pursue and a culture that is famous for its handicrafts, dancing, artwork and cuisine.

* The service – Bali is noted the world over for its friendly people and resorts that make everyone feel welcome. Bali resorts offer couples topnotch service from the second they arrive on the island until they moment they depart to go back home.

* The rooms – Bali resorts make sure that the beauty of the island isn’t lost when couples retreat to their rooms for the night. Many of the island’s resorts go to great lengths to ensure that guests are given the royal treatment with richly and romantically appointed rooms that are surrounded by lush gardens and architectural marvels.

The beauty and serenity of Bali has long called to lovers. Those who stay in Bali resorts often discover these destinations provide the perfect launching point for the most romantic holidays of their lives.

Why a Bali Hotel Puts Travelers on Paradise’s Doorstep

There are thousands of destinations to choose from when holiday time rolls around. Trying to narrow it down to just one location isn’t easy. For some 2 million people per year, however, Bali is the place that calls.

What makes this destination so popular with tourists the world over? Chances are they come to see what paradise on earth really looks like.

Holidaymakers who choose to stay in a Bali hotel will not be disappointed with the options available to them. This Indonesian archipelago offers an incredible mix of natural and manmade sights well worth taking in, and its relaxed, enjoyable pace is a welcomed change for those used to a busy pace.

If Bali’s “paradise” status is in question, consider these things that draw in so many visitors each year:

* The weather – Bali is known for its warm, tropical climate that produces average year-round temperatures that fall in around 31 degrees Celsius. Although the wet season, which runs from October to April, can produce some serious rains, Bali is considered welcoming no matter the time of year.

* The geography – Walk outside of any Bali hotels and the geography will be sure to impress. Spanning some 5,632 square kilometers, Bali is home to volcanic mountains that are often ringed in a surreal mist, lush tropical beaches and some of the most breathtaking lakes and valleys on the planet. Even the agricultural lands here are impressive with their terraces and gentle slopes.

* The luxury – Anyone who chooses to stay in a Bali hotel will discover the meaning of luxury. This destination is home to a number of hotels that do not skimp on a single luxury. From eye-popping landscapes and pampering spas to world-class, in-house cuisine, the hotels in Bali offer every convenience.

* The adventures – If adventure appeals, Bali delivers. Holidaymakers here can horseback ride, hike, mountain climb, surf, explore and more. The potential for adventure is practically never-ending.

* The history – Bali is soaked in a rich history that remains important today and is well evidenced in its many temples and monuments. The island is believed to have been first inhabited by the Chinese in the 2500s BC. Through its history, it was heavily influenced by Buddhist and Hindu settlers. Europeans made first contact here in the 16th century and they, too, left a visible mark on this paradise. Vacationers to Bali will find evidence of these influences in the arts, architecture and ruins found here.

* The shopping – Shopping in Bali is a dream come true for many. Here holidaymakers will find everything from modern malls to quaint street markets. Bali’s many artisans tend to steal the show in many major tourist destinations, offering handicrafts that are well worth taking home.

* The dining – The cuisine found in Bali is enough to please even the pickiest of eaters. Foods found here originate from all over the world. In fact, holidaymakers can enjoy not only a taste of Indonesia, but also Europe, Asia, the Americas and beyond.

When a stay in a Bali hotel is on tap, holidaymakers will find themselves on the doorstep to paradise. This unusual destination is sure to please visitors who crave a lush setting with plenty to see and do.